Quaint and Curious, and Wonderful, Gothic Reviews

I'm delighted to see A Quaint and Curious Volume of Gothic Tales connecting with readers. Not only is it perfect reading for chilly winter nights and rainy spring days, but the variety of Gothic themes from my fellow authors is exceptional. I'm honored that Robin Knabel of Unsettling Reads listed my story, "Scabrous," as one … Continue reading Quaint and Curious, and Wonderful, Gothic Reviews

Summer Camp, Summer Screams

Summer camp is bonfires, camp songs, and summer friendships... Summer camp is spooky woods, monster legends, and the scary things that lurk just beyond the trail... Or on the trail, like "Blink Fly." Jolene Haley is hosting #SummerofScreams, a writer and artist showcase celebrating the darker side of summer camp.  “Blink Fly” follows a camper hiking in Palo Duro Canyon, … Continue reading Summer Camp, Summer Screams