Quiet Horror – 12 Days Until Halloween

I grew up reading Edgar Allan Poe and H.P. Lovecraft, and I still adore them. Some day their language is overblown, but I love how their lavish descriptions overwhelm me. Their stories are more horrifying for how they make me feel crushed beneath moldering walls and surrounded by alien angles.  Something monstrous is usually threatening to overtake … Continue reading Quiet Horror – 12 Days Until Halloween

Abandoned House – A Love Poem

ABANDONED HOUSE by Victoria Nations Abandoned house with Sun bleached board face Drooping and gapped from Years and years of rain and heat Crinkled so it Cracks, so its Filmed windows tilt Up at the corners Gabled window Turned up and Still cute after all these years Mostly centered over the Black double doors Falling … Continue reading Abandoned House – A Love Poem