Chicken Purse – A Poem

CHICKEN PURSE by Victoria Nations I need a new purse and I want to find one that looks like a chicken. It will be life-sized and feathery, and have little horny feet that stick out of the bottom because truly elegant purses have feet. The head will have a pink, rubbery comb and bright plastic … Continue reading Chicken Purse – A Poem

Anyway – A Love Poem

ANYWAY by Victoria Nations She has no red hair, and no gray, and only a few freckles peppered across her putty nose, and splattered down her back. She's the tall one, the strong one who owns a tool belt, but leaves the dead opossums to me, along with the lizards and big bugs. She's a … Continue reading Anyway – A Love Poem


SPRING by Victoria Nations She stood on her hands and spun so her dress swirled in a wide circle. The sky above her filled with green skirts and grey crinolines, the lace sweeping her legs as they spread and bent to keep steady. Her hands gripped the ground for balance. Her feet wiggled with joy.


DOODLING by Victoria Nations Doodling things with tentacles And teeth That's not right It should be beaks and tentacles And suction cups And delightfully slimy skin It should be aquatic And shape-shifting And fast But There it sits Furry and toothed A cunning eye turned up Staring And tentacles I can’t see where all the … Continue reading Doodling


WISHES by Victoria Nations I saw the sun sink into the ocean and the water steamed up where it touched, and though the ocean was large, the sun was so much bigger. I watched the sea boil away as the sun kept sinking down, and finally it sat balanced on the ocean floor. A sheath … Continue reading WISHES

Writing Longhand, Editing with Doodles and Diagrams

Daniel Kraus's recent article about authors who write longhand really struck me.  The authors describe how writing longhand slows them down and makes their writing tighter.  They describe the tactile satisfaction they get from the task, how the work they produce is tangible.  Their descriptions are compelling When I write (fiction, poetry, or reports for my day job), I typically write on … Continue reading Writing Longhand, Editing with Doodles and Diagrams


CLATTER by Victoria Nations The whine of wind pushing the The clatter of palm fronds and The clacking of bluejay beaks on The scritch of roach legs against The rustle of leaves caught in the Damp Dark Boot jacks Reach your hand in there I dare you