I’m thrilled to announce my poem, “Cleaning Out Her House, As If She’ll Ever Be Gone,” will be in the upcoming MOTHER: TALES OF LOVE AND TERROR from Weird Little Worlds. Check out the contributors that have already been announced:

Brian Evenson • Ai Jiang • Sarah Read • Nadia Bulkin • Gemma Files • Donyae Coles

John Langan • S.P. Miskowski • Shane Hawk • Steve Toase • Christina Sng • Steve Rasnic Tem

Hailey Piper • Gabino Iglesias • Mercedes M. Yardley

The full table of contents is coming soon, along with an author roundtable with our personal stories of where we found inspiration and what we wanted to explore.

MOTHER: TALES OF LOVE AND TERROR is available for pre-order, and if you order now, you’ll get a free copy of the MONSTER MANIFESTO (a guidebook on living from the mostly dead) while you wait for October 1.

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