Halloween at Work – 25 Days until Halloween

A taxidermied Bufo marinus that’s been made into a change purse is a permanent resident of my office at my day job.  Animals skulls and insects preserved in jars keep it company.  My coworkers have different bones and dead things at their desks. So it is with field biologists: we love critters so much, we bring them back … Continue reading Halloween at Work – 25 Days until Halloween


My pencil holder has a lot more than pencils in it. Pencils are for math and field notebooks with waterproof paper. I use pens and markers for coloring in figures and drawing arrows and clouds around diagrams. I have other tools. The handle of the magnifying glass is wood. Most of the paint was worn away … Continue reading Tools

Arts and Sciences

When I studied biology in college, then graduate school, I took "hard" science classes in zoology, human biology, ecology and evolution.  I took electives in the "soft" sciences and the arts, my favorites being psychology and (one glorious semester) Elements of Horror Fiction.  The courses were very different.  The arts and sciences were separate. But … Continue reading Arts and Sciences