A lively group of teachers in a coffee shop where I write some nights, and an imagined discussion about their lesson plans

by Victoria Nations

“So you’re saying we’re going to use poker chips and a Crown Royal bag. In the science room. With the kids.”

“Right. The kids will love it.”

“The science room at the temple. In the main church building.”

“Right. So we’ll write on the board, ‘What pizza toppings do you want?’”

“I don’t think she’s listening. She’ s not getting it.”

“The red chips will be the pepperoni, and the white chips will be the cheese.”

“Will they be labeled?”

“We can’t bring a Crown Royal bag into the church!”

“Or poker chips.”

“Sure, they can be labeled. That way the kids can keep track of what’s on the board and what’s at their desk.”

“What do you mean, a Crown Royal bag? What is that?”

“With all the toppings and crust options, we’ll have seven different versions of pizza. And we’ll ask them to figure out the probability of them getting a cheese and pepperoni pizza.”

“You know, that purple velvet bag? With the drawstring?”

“Wouldn’t it be 100% probability since they ordered it?”

“No, it’s pizza in boxes and they can’t see which one they picked.”

“I don’t care if it’s pizza. It’s still booze and poker.”

“Next, we can use dice for the pancake exercise.”

“Now we’re using dice in the church?”

“It’s a pancake, and there are different combinations of toppings.”

“Now pancakes I understand. Can the six be chocolate chips? I want more of those.”

“The probability is the same for each of the six sides. The number of dots doesn’t matter.”

“Are you sure this isn’t gambling? Should we be teaching the students how to predict what they roll on dice?”

“They’re just going to have fun rolling dice.”

“We can flip a coin for the next exercise, so they can predict the percentage of heads vs. tails.”

“And there’s the betting money.”

“They’ll be playing craps in the corner by the end of the day.”

“I’ll give you a 50/50 on that.”

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