Wolf’s Museum Of Mystery – 28 Days Until Halloween

Do you remember the first time you stopped at aWolfs-shop windows
shop window, drawn to the oddities arranged there?  Some of them were vaguely ornate, gleaming and reminiscent of the other side of the world.  Dolls with piercing blue eyes may have looked out at you, their red mouths open to show small, white teeth.  The mechanical toys were metal and their sharp edges were rusty.  Maybe your companion said it was just a pile of junk.

Wolfs-headBut you saw them for the treasures they were.  You pushed open the shop door, squinting into the dimness within, and the bell tinkled to tell the owner that another one had been drawn in.

Wolf’s Museum of Mystery is stuffed with collections of spiritual artifacts and horror gimcracks.  Taxidermied creatures are tucked in every corner.  There are aliens and eerie chanting.  A mermaid is rumored to live in a pool in the back, where the bunnies are.  Watch out for the bunnies.


There’s free popcorn in the horror movie watching room upstairs.  And if you walk deep enough inside, you’ll find out what that dripping sound is in the bathroom.


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