2 Weeks until Ghoulish Book Festival

Ghoulish Book Festival programming has been announced, and it’s so much fun! Horror panels to scare and delight. Creepy readings and late night campfire stories. A Mothman contest.

I’m excited to be on panels that are near and dear to my heart. I’ll talk about why insular communities, and the wilds around them, make Small-Town Horror so unsettling. Cryptids and Horror Cartoons were gateways to my lifelong love of horror and writing about monsters.

Badges for Ghoulish Book Fest are cheap compared to other horror cons, and you get three floors of horror vendors, panels, and events.

Ghoulish Book Festival goes until late Saturday night and into Sunday with panels and activities. I’m already making a plan for snacks and caffeine. And tacos, because San Antonio.

Some of the best names in the horror genre will be at Ghoulish Book Festival, and they are already hooting it up over on Twitter, so you know it’s going to be a party. Come by and say hello, and #KeepSanAntonioGhoulish.

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